Captured. Alone. Forgotten?

Being held against your will by pirates or terrorists is not something most people think about when they go about their daily work, but for the world’s 1.6 million seafarers it is a very real concern.

They were firing at our ship with a machine gun. I was scared because I have a family and whatever happens to me, my family will really suffer, so we prayed, Lord please take care of our families.

Chaplains from Christian maritime charity Sailors’ Society support kidnapped and imprisoned seafarers and their families through desperate times.

Through the power of prayer, you too can help seafarers and their families in need.

Seafarers like Joe* who was forced to kneel with his crewmates on the deck of his ship by pirates and watched as they shot and killed his friend.

Joe is one of the world’s 349,344 seafarers helped by Christian maritime charity Sailors’ Society in the last year.
Help us help more and #Pray4Joe and his seafaring colleagues who risk so much to transport 90 per cent of the world’s goods.

*Joe is representative of one of the many seafarers supported by Sailors' Society


Hold a prayer meeting at your church, share your prayer with us in the box below, follow @sailorschurches and tweet us using #Pray4Joe or message us at

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